Leah was an incredible instructor.  She taught very organized, thorough and linear.  She always made sure everyone’s questions were answered and understood before going on!  I learned so many helpful ideas.  She made the material much easier to understand.  The manual is done VERY well – easy to follow.  I was amazed how Leah could keep Scio and Indigo people together! (In the two different manuals)  It was certainly worth the trip!  This class was far superior to my Beginner’s class.  I’m sure other instructors are as equally knowledgeable but Leah would be hard to beat!  Thanks so much!

Kathy, Kona, HI

The material was far broader than I thought and met and exceeded all my expectations.  Leah was one of the best “teachers” I have every had.  She tempered info with fun and following the line (excellent!)  I would recommend this class with Leah to anyone and everyone.  This was an amazing experience!!!


More than Fabulous.  Can’t wait to learn more from Leah.   Excellent and clear, thank you for your patience. You are the greatest!

Amy, Orange County, CA

Leah is wonderful.  Easy to follow and so happy to show shortcuts and ways to make out time with our clients more productive.

Gary, Los Angeles, CA

It was all the info I definitely needed.  I see the reason for continuous education in Quantum, there is so many avenues of service to utilize and apply!  Leah is an excellent instructor.  Her care and concern for each student was wonderful.  Her ability to breeze through the curriculum and help us was outstanding!  Keep up the good work!  I truly appreciate all that was shared and taught.  Thank you so very much.


Regarding the Intermediate Advanced Training in Escondido, Leah Harvey managed to deliver a multitude of panels while infusing this knowledge with her own finely-tuned expertise.  I appreciate the clarity that she imparted while patiently unpacking complex panels for us.  It was enjoyable being at Leah’s new Quantum Center and learning about related health modalities, too.  I loved it!!!

Nancy Van Tassel, Atascadero, CA

Leah presented the curriculum in a very thorough, knowledgable, professional manner.  She made the class fun and covered the material in a timely pace, BUT always answered any question presented. She has done an outstanding job the entire week.  It has been a true joy to be in this class.

Gail, NC

Many of us were on different levels with our computer skills.  Leah Harvey is a very intuitive teacher and seemed to connect with everyone in her class.  I almost thought she had eyes in the back of her head because she seemed to know where and what each person was doing and what level they were working at.  I loved learning from her and would sign up for more of her classes.

Gayle, AZ

I love the Instructor Leah.  She is very informative, thorough, accommodating, fun,and warm/friendly.  The curriculum and manuals are very easy to follow.  Thank you Leah for your patience, good mood and all the extra things you contributed to each and everyone of us!!


The instructor, dear Leah, was magnificent.  She is so capable at engaging everyone, being aware of the awareness of every member of class – a difficult task.  Interuptions, interjections etc…are dealt with grace and widsom.  Everything, and I mean everything that came up in class led to something practical for us.  Leah is quietly powerful – it would be a positive for everyone (teachers, students, the organization) if Leah’s gifts are recognized and UNLEASHED!  Really!

Karrie, Canada