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Leah’s innate ability to create a nurturing “safe zone” allows her clients and students to explore exciting new methods of healing that can revolutionize their lives.

Mentored from an early age by her Grandma Dixie, who was skilled with herbal and homeopathic remedies, natural healing has always been a way of life for Leah. The study and application of Homeopathy for the past 30+ years was the starting point in making Holistic Health her career. She graduated from the School of Healing Arts in 1996 as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in bodywork, and is a certified Third degree Reiki practitioner. There are many other modalities that she has studied and added to her private practice including: aromatherapy, Biogenesis, Liquid Light remedies, NLP, Spiritual Healing Coach, Dowsing and most recently the X’tract Method of detoxification.

Since her introduction to the QXCI in 2003, she has updated her device and knowledge, to the SCIO and then to the Indigo. Leah’s certifications include Biofeedback Specialist, Diplomate, Quantum Academies Certified Instructor (both NTCB and BANHS), and Licensed Spiritual Healing Coach. Leah has devoted herself to her unfolding passion for Quantum Biofeedback and is the founder of San Diego Quantum Center in Escondido, California. Teaching has always been a part of her life and private practice, it is a passion and avocation.

“Quantum Biofeedback gets to the root of things in a way I haven’t been able to do with bodywork,” she explains. “It’s so incredibly exciting, because you can work on all levels of stress – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – in an integrated way. I see this work as a team effort, a trinity of healing, in which the client, the device and the practitioner are working together to move forward on their healing path.”

Leah attributes her success to an instinctive ability to sense exactly what each client or student needs. “I have learned over the years to trust my intuition and act from a place of trust,” she says. “My goal is to educate and open people’s minds to the possibilities. I never know where the healing process will lead – it’s always an adventure.”

Leah Michele Harvey, Dipl. CBS HHP

San Diego Quantum Center
Escondido, CA  92025