NRG Cards

What is Quantum NRG?

The Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter can be described as a receiver /transmitter of frequencies. The Quantum NRG is able to imprint PERSONAL ENERGY CARDS that emit energetic frequencies to the person who is carrying it.


PERSONAL ENERGY CARDS (about the same size of as a credit card) are imprinted to emit a strong frequency of a radius of 1.5 meters. The cards are usually carried by a person, but can be used for many other applications such as pets or even energizing water. By placing the card under your pillow you are able to maintain the healing stimulus while asleep.  The idea of the card is maintain the transfer of specific healing energies all the time. Imprinting the card takes only seconds; they can be reprinted, changed, wiped and recharged.

Technical Overview

The Quantum NRG Bio-imprinter is an electronic amplification device. It outputs a complex wave signature, which has a base characteristic frequency of approximately 4 Hz. This is used to heterodyne multiple signature frequencies (more than 10) as a single complex wave shape. Other external frequencies inputted from audio, substance or broadcast effect are multiplexed through the internal circuitry and then included within the original wave output. The internal circuitry has an amplification of over 10,000. The output is very small (less than 200 nano amps/ cm of electrode) which has been shown to provide the best cellular stimulant.

The charge source and hence energy of a cell has an EMF effect, electrostatic effect and single charge structure as well as physically maintaining a chemical balance both within itself and to its immediate neighbors and body mass in general. The cell also acts as a minute power generator or “equivalent battery” unit organized at a DNA level.

Frequency or oscillation equates to movement or motion. In the BODY, the medium of water buffers, transports, and structurally and geometrically supports and exhibits form. Concepts of entropy/extrophy are not always upheld in the cellular metabolism as energy transport systems work within nature and not always according to accepted concepts. The existence of an external charge system allows all power structures including cells to carry or tap onto extra energy. By ‘charging’ or pulsing this emf and controlling the output, the cells are reverse-stimulated or dedifferentiated and thus return to a normal healthy state. Quantitatively, if T (time) allows mass to exist, then the ‘passage’ of T allows mass to change. If T tends to 0, then mass tends to 0, but if T tends to infinity then mass also tends to infinity. If M is E, then T + t = E + e, but if an external E form p is applied then T + t = p (E + e).

Further as all change is constant then the differential between o and infinity must continually exist becoming all possibilities as infinity at any point. If a cell shape is considered to be plasmodial, then E accumulated within the cell forms a ‘ figure 8 ‘ shape as rhythmic cyclical E transfer is always occurring. This is in accordance with heart frequency and blood pressure and temperature. Very small external changes upset cellular equilibrium, and large changes therefore greatly alter cellular efficiency. A cell has a longitudinal and transverse oscillation which moves through a ‘figure 8‘pattern. This effect is exploited in the circuit design of the Quantum NRG Bio-imprinter. It is also understood that there are 11 major frequencies controlling all cell structures but these have a positive, negative and neutral component. The cell alignment with these base frequencies allows an almost infinite amount of information to be ‘resonant loaded’ into it.

The Quantum NRG Bio-imprinter matches the cell Q with any incoming information via the intermediate circuitry. The magnetic strip card is a special addition to the programming capacity of the Quantum NRG circuitry. A unique card reader port allows the output information to be encoded onto a specially pre-prepared magnetic card surface.  A card will easily hold over 30,000 signature frequencies.

These cards are available as an adjunct to the personal Biofeedback session or as a stand alone product available for such Stress States as:  Addiction, Weight Loss, Allergies……almost any stress category you can think of.

For more information or to order your NRG card, contact

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