X’Tract – Method of Detoxification

NLV Wellness Academy DBA Majestic Wellness Academy is a nonprofit company designed to empower others to participate in a process called X’Tract that specializes in cleansing, purification, and detoxification for the body, and soul while focusing on the lymphatic system. This is accomplished by a proven technique that is certified and approved by the Health Certification Board and NCBTMB.

This is a detoxification process that was given to the founder, Nina Venturella; by Father God. He has given wisdom and knowledge on how to release toxins from the body’s lymphatic system, resulting in miraculous testimonies. The body’s lymphatic system is the garbage disposal and holding tank for toxins and fat. If not released and pumped out of the body the body’s entire system eventually becomes lax and sluggish, resulting in sickness and disease. The lymphatic system is like the oil in a car, if the oil does not get changed the oil gets all mucked may not perform well or possibly even at all. If it stays like this long enough, the engine will blow up. The human body’s lymph system is very similar. If it goes too long without cleansing and releasing, it will most likely become sick and unable to perform well.

  • X’Tract is the pathway to optimal health, It is 3 in 1 functionality, utilizes quantum feedback, goes to the weakest link needed at the time.
  • Releases emotional and physical trauma at the cellular level
  • Deep detoxification of the lymphatic system thus all other organs and systems can function better.

Introducing: Toxin Release Coach (TRC) Certification Programs now teaching in San Diego

- X – Cancel out
- T – Toxic
- R – Release
- A – Accelerated
- C – Cellular
- T – Transformation

For more details call Leah Harvey (760) 518-3088 or email: sdquantumcenter@gmail.com