Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. In fact, it is more individualized than the human fingerprint. Not only does the voice reflect the stresses and anxieties from our past and present circumstances, it is the key to unlocking our fullest potential.

The frequencies and patterns in the voice are like a map to the subconscious.  When understood, they become a guide on the journey to wholeness.

The Voice Analysis Hydration System (VAHS) analyzes a short recording of the voice. Then, using proprietary algorithms, an individualized set of frequencies is created to balance the physical, mental and emotional body. These holographic “tones” are like a personal symphony.  They create the space for harmony at the deepest levels of being — initiating the release of stored emotional stress, stress related to hidden fears, related to depression, and anxiety. The personal freedom brought about by inner harmony naturally gives rise to heightened awareness, increased intuition, more expansive creativity, and a deeper alignment with life’s purpose.


Multi-channel delivery system

The wave forms generated during a Holographic Sound Session are used to create a multi-channel delivery system so that individual’s receive balancing frequencies throughout the day on a variety of cellular channels.

Holographic Sound Technology is used to create a personal CD.  Sound vibrations received via the auditory channel help release old patterns and facilitate the development of new neurological pathways.

Similarly, Scalarwave technology is used to imprint structured water with personalized balancing tones.  Since water is the most programmable substance on the planet, and since we are mostly water, the use of Scalarwave imprinted water is the ideal way to take frequency information deeply into the cells.  Drinking personalized holographic structured water throughout the day not only hydrates the body more efficiently, it also provides continued delivery of the frequencies that bring balance, harmony and personal enlightenment.

In his book, “The True Power of Water”, Dr. Emoto explains the role of leading neurosurgeon Dr. Naoki Shibuya “who is known for his practice using the original “Sound Energy System: developed by Robert Lloy in the 1990’s

In 1997, Dr. Shibuya wrote a book titled “Subeteno Inochi:  Something Great Karao Okurimono” (To all lives:  A gift from somthing great).  In this book, he introduced Sound Energy Therapy (Robert Lloy) as a method to cure various diseased by using the Hado of voice.  Basically, he explains the therapy to find an individual’s Hado through his or her voice and have him/her listen to the sound that corrects the disturbances.

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